Weekly Recap: August 2nd

This week was tough. I think I was exhausted both mentally and physically overall. Important takeaway from the week – hydration, nutrition, sleep, recovery were not up to snuff….and I definitely felt it. Small choices add up.

Monday: shake out miles, my legs were feeling a bit cramped from my Sunday long run.

I like food. I was craving pizza bagels so I made this grown up version – everything bagel, avocado, jalopeno almond cheese.

IMG_20150731_134750 (1)

Tuesday: FIT. Lots of running in this class which started with a warm up of 500, 400, 300, 250, 200, 150…and then we did the actual workout. We finished with Sally. #stabmyself

After FIT I ran a quick 5 miles.

We had a waffle bar at our Brewsday Run at work. Um HECK YEAH!


Wednesday: rest. I had to be at work early and was just dead. After work I hung out with some friends playing giant jenga and getting my vitamin C. Blue Moons and Shock Tops counts as vitamin C, right?


Also, chicken tenders and sweet potato fries. You probably see what I mean about hydration and nutrition…


Thursday: 6×800 on the track. These were not pretty. It was hot. I was dehydrated. BUT I got through it and ran the pace I was hoping for 3:20-3:25 for each with 3 min rest. Pretty sure my pain train face was on the whole time.

Friday: FIT. You can read my whole FIT Friday recap here. After FIT we took the pups for a 2 hour hike. It was hot. I carried Loki for a while up a hill – 25lbs gets surprisingly heavy quick.

I cleaned up my food a little bit. I ordered more Skoop so I’m excited for that to arrive. I love their A Game in my yogurt (its the super greens mix). IMG_20150731_070229613 (1)

Saturday: 10 miles. was supposed to be 16 but as soon as I started running, I knew that wasn’t in the book. Not every run is simple, but sometimes there is magic in the struggle. These are the type of runs that train your mind more so than your body.

IMG_20150801_073614 (1)

At least the sunrise was beautiful.


Sunday: shake out miles and then Sunday Funday at WATER WORLD with my roomies!! We’re so grown up.

Have a great day!

Have you had a rough run lately? 

Do you use any protein or greens supplements? 

Tell me something random about your week! 







FIT Friday – giving crap is caring

personally, I like going to the type of gym that gives you shit for not showing up to class. It means they notice you’re not there and that they care. I wouldn’t like going to a gym where no one noticed if you showed up or not. Where’s the accountability in that?

So yeah, I just inferred that giving people crap about not showing up to workout is how we show we care.

I went to FIT twice this week. I usually try to get there MWF, but you know, excuses life happens. SO I made it Tuesday and Friday this week. Nate gave me some shit about that. It gave me the warm fuzzy.

Today’s workout was solid (of course).


Worst part: bear crawls in the warm up. I’m not sure why, but my baby wrists cry whenever we do bear crawls. Maybe I’ll start wearing wrist weights everywhere I go to beef up these bad boys.

Best part: the first AFAFP (in layman: as fast as fucking possible). I was actually hoping to do some stuff with the barbell this morning so the combination of back squats and push press was right up my alley.

I feel like since I started going to FIT in October, not only have I gotten stronger but also my fast twitch muscle has improved. Coming in as a distance runner, yeah I had endurance, but there was no way I could have banged out that AFAFP in 7:03 back in October. Improvement baby.


I am really interested to see how this translates to racing for me. I haven’t had a solid race since last fall before I started doing FIT because of that nasty little achilles injury this spring. I’m happy to be back at it and am hoping that adding FIT into my training will help me be able to push through that pain threshold and be faster overall. That, and repeating my favorite mantra over in my head until I actually believe it.

After a logging a few more miles after class, I enjoyed some nom noms. Every once in a while I put the bowl of fruit loops aside and eat something healthy…


And that’s a wrap guys! If you’re local, get your ass over to FIT Park Meadows because we give a crap about you.

What do you tell yourself to keep pushing through a run or workout? 

Would you rather go to a gym where people notice you or do you prefer to fly under the radar?

Trivia Time! Do you know what Colorado’s state sport is??? I just learned this yesterday and feel compelled to share it with everyone.