Weekly Recap: August 23

This week’s running, eating, liftin’, playing, squating and eating more was pretty decent. I think I was having a little mental block with marathon training, so I switched things up this week, had some fun, and am feeling back at it again.

Monday: I went to The Most Informal Running Club, Ever (Denver) after working a long long long day. It was just what I needed.

Yes. I’m still in love with the NB Vazee Pace. It disappears on my feet, which in my humble opinion, is best.

Afterwards we went to Atomic Cowboy. Ummm hello gorgeous pizza. Sorry I destroyed it before snapping a picture. You can just rest easy knowing it was delicious.

Tuesday: FIT. There were lots and lots of squats and box jumps. My tush definitely felt the burn.

Then work and after work I did the Brewsday Run we put on at work: 5K followed by brews and donuts!



Wednesday: I had to be to work early to open and was kinda riding that pain train so I decided this would be my rest day. Extra coffee was needed. So basic.


Can we just talk about this name of the second drink on the menu? I laughed for probably 5 minutes. Anyone ever have Grey Goose Cougar Juice before? And no I wasn’t partaking…just walking by.


I did have ice cream that evening and it was delicious. On the walk there I saw this sticker and it also made me laugh. Little things, right?IMG_20150819_194139998

Thursday: 10 miles with pick ups. It kinda hurt. Real good. At least it was a beautiful morning.


Since it’s Thursday, we throw it back. Saucony Originals anyone?


After work, I had my first sour beer. It was delicious. Go get yourself one.

Friday: FIT. You can read about the whole workout here.

I got new gold BVLA hoops at Iris. #treatyourself


I made Skratch cookies. They are the bomb. I ate them in bed. Perks of being single: you can eat cookies on one side of the bed and then sleep on the other side, crumb free. #winning


Saturday: 5 miles after work with a coworker. We did a 5 mile loop from work, around Wash Park and back. My garmin has been on the fritz lately so I’m not sure exactly what pace we were going but from a super scientific equation based on time spent running vs. ground covered running, we were going about 8:05 pace. It was conversational  – not too hard, not too easy. This is what I’m “hoping” my marathon pace will be about, but race pace seems totally unrealistic at this point – like HOW AM I GOING TO HOLD THAT FOR 26.2 MILES?? Magic in training, gotta remember that.

I was super domestic for din din.


Sunday: Long run time – 18 miles. Ooph. Worst part? Gotta do it without music because of the piercing I got last week – holy ouch head phones hurt. I guess I’ll just sing to myself while running.

Usually long runs are my favorite but the last 2 weeks I haven’t been feeling them. I hit about 14 miles and everything shuts down. Hopefully today goes better.

Overall, this week was great. I ran with other people 3 times (which was a goal of mine) and made it through another bigger mileage (for me) week without my Achilles flaring up. Win Win.

Okay I think Loki wants some attention now, so peace out cub scouts!