FIT Friday – Partner Fun Workout

hello hello! Starting a new Friday post series over here – FIT Fridays featuring FIT Park Meadows.

I started going to FIT back in October, and while I haven’t been training hard (other than my marathon training in Jan/Feb pre-injury) for races during that time, I definitely can feel the difference in how strong I have gotten since then. When I say strong, I’m mostly talking about upper body strength and core. As a runner, I’m pretty sure I could do squats for days, but push ups? eh. Not so much. BUT I can do more than before I started doing FIT. And core is so so so important for runners – it’s the engine that holds us together and stabilizes our form.

Anyways…since I believe the majority of my readers are runners, I thought it would be beneficial to have a post series showing just how important and how much FUN it is to incorporate strength and core to your usual running schedule. I know personally I do not stick to a “lifting plan” on my own, so FIT is absolutely the perfect way to kick my scrawny runner bod into a somewhat stronger runner bod.

This guy is the 5 am ass-kicker.


Thanks Nate.

This was our workout today…


I like when we have Partner “Fun” workouts since a lot of my running I do solo (don’t tell Freya, but she’s not exactly the best conversationalist on our morning miles). My partner and I took home the win for the FIT Test – 109 squats in 2 minutes. My partner also happened to be a runner – see what I mean about squats for days?

Speaking of FIT Tests, I was kinda pumped to see my row time on the leader board…


Another part of today’s workout I really liked was the 100 Knees to Elbows because it works both your upper body and your core at the same time. I like efficiency, which brings me to the fact that FIT is truly a power house workout – you crank for an hour and work your whole body through series of push, pull, squat and core movements. It’s an athlete’s workout.

Best part of going to the 5am class (besides Nate being your coach) is you get home at 6:15 and have to seriously think “did I really just workout?”. I stick to the theory that 5 am FIT is like running a marathon/having a child – you forget the pain and want to do it again.

If you’re local, you should definitely get your ass to class.

…especially 5am because we’re awesome and sometimes wear tutus

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Runners – what type of strength training to do you do? 

What was the last group fitness class you went to? 




weird things I do to get more steps

so I don’t talk about it much, but I have a fitbit.


I’ve had it since January when I went on BRC’s health insurance because we get a discount for wearing one/being a part of their wellness program that is points based. Anyways… I never really thought about how many steps I took in a day until I got my fitbit and learned that I needed to hit 20,000 everyday to get the most “bang for my buck” through the wellness program. Since I spent most of the spring on the injured list, I had to get creative with non running ways to get those steps in…

1. very very very long walks with the pups. They have no complaints about this one. Thank god I have dogs otherwise I’d probably look like a weirdo speed walking around our neighborhood.

2. Never standing still at work…its nice that our store is so big – walking from the front registers back to the shoe wall is approximately 40 steps. Now do that all day.

3. park in the furthest employee parking spots at work…can’t say I stuck with this one when it was raining/snow storming/I was just lazy.

4. put my fitbit on Freya’s collar and let her run around outside

5. Also laps around the store…helps make sure customers aren’t lost in a corner AND gets my steps in.

6. laundry: when I need to hang dry stuff, I individually walk each piece to the rack, hang it, walk back to the washer. repeat.

7. when dancing, always fist pump….along those same lines, always firmly shake someone’s hand at least 3 times.

8. No straws. Lift that glass!

9. extra puppy pets and wrestles.

10. pace pace pace. while brushing my teeth, brushing my hair, talking on the phone, vacuum the house twice a week…you get the idea

I’m not a doctor, fitbit guru or even fitness freak – so don’t take my ideas too seriously. Long story short – I know I’m a healthy person, and don’t really need a step counter, BUT it has made me more aware of the times I’m sitting vs. moving and made me get more creative with ways to stay active.


Do you have an activity tracker? If so, which and do you like it? 

Share a weird way you get more steps!