Weekly Recap: July 5th

Holy guacamole.

It’s July.

Monday: 4.5 easy miles. Core work. Foam roll with trigger point grid and the orb. Aka some serious torture. I waited kinda of late into the morning to run so it was pretty toasty out. I made myself a chocolate almond milk and frozen banana smoothie with a scoop of Skoop which was pretty darn tasty.

Tuesday: #SPEEDWORKMAKESTHEDREAMSWORK. 1 mile warm up. 10x 400 on the track, 1 minute rest in between. 4x 100 strides. 1 mile cool down. This was my first track workout since…well…probably last fall. It definitely hurt. BUT it was great to put some speed on my legs. It also helped that there was a really cute puppy walking laps with its owner that ran over to me during my recovery and licked my legs. mmm sweat.



Wednesday: FIT. After our usual “warm up” (I use ” ” because honestly our workout is yet another mini workout) and core work, our main workout was 2 circuits. The first was wall balls, GHD sit up, box overs, TRX knee tucks, low fast box jumps, cycling, singles. The second circuit was 1 1/2 wall balls, GHD back extensions, side box jumps, TRX pikes, high box jumps, cycling, doubles. In addition to that we can a total of 3x400m and 1x500m. I was planning on getting in a quick 4 miles afterwards, but my body told me no.

Wait…isn’t there a song about that? My body tells me no, but won’t quit cause I want more. JK I DID QUIT.

Thursday: I was up late Wednesday and had to be to work early so I opted to get a little bit more sleep and just do some core work and stretching before heading in.

Went out for margs and tacos with a friend. I have a theory that the messier your food looks, the better its going to taste. So far its been true in my life.



Friday: Ultimate lazy bones status. It may have had to do with the fact there were a few margs involved Thursday night. But hey, what’s life without a salty rim every once in a while? So I slept in. Walked the dogs. Took my car to the collision center to get the hail damage appraised. Oh did I mention that that storm we had last week caused $6000 worth of hail damage to my car? It did. And then I ate chipotle for lunch because apparently tacos the night before was simply not Mexican food enough for the week.

Saturday: 6 miles at “pace”….which at this point is slower than what I’m hoping my race pace is. I’ll get there. Then I went to work followed by Fourth of July festivities as per usual. I had a drink. It had blueberries and a whole bunch of stuff I couldn’t pronounce…that means you’re in for a good time, right?


Sunday: long run. At this point, I’m just hoping for anything above 10 miles.

Overall I’m happy with how this week went. I would have liked to have had had one more day of running, but we can’t win them all and I’m glad I listened to my body.