a change in pace

Lately, I’ve been feeling kind of “blah” with my running. My head isn’t in it..and more importantly, neither is my heart. The only thing really in it is my need for sweets in my life and being able to fit into my pants, so I run.

I’ve had some pretty awful races this year. (I’ve also had some of the best experience of my life – ie Ragnar & running is so many cool new places…but actual racing was kind of awful)

After a less than impressive spring, I pinned Rock’n’Roll as being my goal half marathon <- read, I really wanted a PR

When I had a bad summer half, I told myself “don’t worry about it, this fall will be your season”

Well spring is far behind me, summer has come and gone and here I am staring down the end of what should have been a good training cycle for RnR Denver and my heart isn’t in it. I have not enjoyed the training leading up to point. I don’t like back to back speed works – track work followed by tempo. I am mentally exhausted from this roller coaster of a year between quitting my job, starting a new one and trying to just figure out what the heck a 20 something year old is suppose to do.

Yesterday I went for a run therapy session with my favorite running buddy. She’s feeling the burn out too. We’re both signed up for the RnR half this October and honestly, we’re done with the hard training. We just want to have fun. We want the long, slow trail runs. We want to run at a pace comfortable so that we can chat the hours away. We want easy short runs with our dogs. And that is okay. 

It’s normal to hit a point where you just need either a complete break from running or just a time where you do the runs you love. And that’s basically what we’re planning on doing for the remainder of the year.

We are both signed up for the Salt Lake City marathon for next April. It’ll be my first full marathon. I want to be on my A game for that <- read: I’ll be thankful if I simply finish. So I’m going to finish up the last 2 races I’ve signed up for this year (Hot Chocolate 15K & Rock’n’Roll Half) and then I’m just going to run the runs I love. No pressure. And then around the end of December start my marathon training.

The Hot Chocolate 15K I’ll be using as my long run for that week and then the following weekend I’ll be doing Rock’n’Roll for fun. It’s mildly disappointing to type that. I wanted to do well at RnR, but I know if my heart isn’t in it, my legs will not follow. 

So this is where I’m at. I still love running, I’m just not in love with training right now. I need to give myself a break so that when it’s time to start training for my marathon, my heart is present.