Running promo codes & deals roundup

Happy Saturday! If you’re not out enjoying the beautiful weather! here are just a few deals that have come across my inbox lately.

PRO Compression is holding a fall sale – everything is 40% online with promo code FALL. Good through the end of September. Perfect way to stock up for all your fall races! …or, dare I say it, start your Christmas shopping…


Newton Running is holding a fall sale too! Up to 50% off apparel online – no promo code needed! Go check it out and score some sweet Newton gear. I’m kind of in love with the Verve Hoodie.


Here’s one from Freya & Loki for one of their favorite treats – $1 coupon for Full Moon dog treats

Freya & Loki Full Moon

Winter is coming! Stock up on some warm hats from HeadSweats and save 25% by using promo Funfitgirl25

Color Options

Have a great Saturday! I’m off do throw in some #morningmiles and then sling some shoes at BRC.

What are you up to today? 

Do you prefer to long run on Saturday or Sunday?

FFG Confessions

today I’m linking up with Amanda’s Thinking out Loud post to share some confessions about myself…

I’ve never seen Frozen, the Titanic or The Notebook. I’m pretty sure this just proves I’m a failure of a woman.But I did see this meme once, so I basically get the premise of Titanic…right?

while I haven’t seen any of those movies, I have read the entire Harry Potter series probably 3 or 4 times. Nerd alert. For those of you who haven’t read them, have no desire to and also don’t want to sit through over 30 hours of HP movies, here is a HP comic that quite accurately portrays the whole series in a fashion you can read in under 5 minutes. harry potter summary

I loves puns a little too much. I laugh at my own…whether I’m with people or alone talking to myself.

I’m a grandma in a 20-something year old body. I eat dinner early. I go to bed by 8:30pm and wake up before the sun. I eat the same things most everyday and I don’t like driving at night.

I ran my first half marathon less than a year ago. Up until then I was a mid-distance trackie who tortured herself with the occasional 5K. It’s exciting to see how much I’ve grown this year as a runner. I’m proud of my accomplishments but I know I’m just getting started.

I own more Newtons than I am proud to admit. And I love that. I’ll keep the number to myself though.

i run because of the running shoes

If I don’t get my run done in the morning, I usually won’t do it. And I’m okay with that. I’ve accepted the fact that I don’t enjoy running in the evening and that I don’t run my best then. So I don’t do it and just move on with life.

Every morning I have the same routine – wake up to Freya licking my face, take the pups out, make coffee, read some blogs/check emails while having coffee, have a piece of PBJ toast, take the pups for a walk, and then I run. I love my morning routine.

If I could only eat one food for the rest of my life it would be PBJ.

toasted PBJ

I really want a whole pack of dogs. BUT I don’t want more dogs until we have a fenced in back yard because I don’t think I could handle taking 10 dogs out at 4am on leashes.

Sometimes I wonder what life would be like if I didnt’t HAVE TO have a cup of coffee first thing in the morning. But then I’m like “Aimee, sister, don’t go there – that’s a dark dark place”.

phew…I feel so much better telling you guys that stuff.

Have something you want to get off your chest?