Run? I Thought You Said Rum!

So I have this thing called “Ragnar Relay” in a week – have you heard of it? (sarcastic voice)CO-logo

Yes, I’m guessing you’ve heard of it. SO in one week I’ll be joining team “Run? I thought you said Rum!’  and running the 200 mile relay between Cooper Mt and Aspen.

How am I feeling? Like this snuck up on me.

A few months ago when I paid my entry fee, it felt like August 8th was FOREVER away.

And now it’s basically here.


I’m feeling slightly unprepared because I haven’t really wrapped my head around the technical stuff yet – like what clothes I need to pack, shoes, FOOD, shower stuff for the hotel in aspen after…you get the idea.

I also finally looked what relay legs I signed up for

Leg 9: 7 miles, hard.

Leg 21: 3.6 miles, easy.

Leg 33: 3.3 miles, easy.

I’m glad my hardest leg is the first – I have a feeling by my third I am going to be quite sleep deprived and honestly I do not do well without sleep. Luckily, I think I can stumble for 3.3 miles without dying.

I got some packing advice from from a fellow PRO Compression ambassador, Run Lil’ Mama Run, and Skinny Runner:

“Pack 3 outfits in gallon sized ziplock baggies. Change and give yourself a wipey bath after each run and put your nasty clothes in the ziplock bag. EAT!!! My first Ragnar I was too afraid to eat much and needless to say I’ve never had worse stomach pain!!! I always drink a TruMoo Chocolate milk right after I finish one of my legs…it helps me a lot. Costco’s pretzel rolls fuel a fine ragnar That’s all I can think of right of but if I come up with anything else I’ll let you know! Good luck and have fun…lots of fun.” – Stephanie @ Run Lil’ Mama Run

“bring a pillow and blanket and like Stephanie said, 3 ziplock baggies of clothes. and comfy clothes to wear in between runs. and your go-to foods that you can handle at any hour of the day. don’t worry about pace or letting your team down, its all for fun!” – SR

I also really liked this blog post from the Ragnar blog on How to Pack for Ragnar Relay and How to Eat During a Ragnar Relay.

When I put together my packing list, I’ll make sure to share it with you guys! Hopefully, I’ll have that done this weekend. Most importantly Ragnar is about the rum…I mean run…I mean fun…

…you get the idea.

Have you done a Ragnar Relay??? TELL ME ALL THE THINGS I NEED TO KNOW!

what does beauty mean to you?

Okay so I’ve seen this post on several blogs now, including FueledbyLOLZ, so I decided to do it because I really like seeing what other people feel that beauty means. The idea to find 5 pictures of yourself where you feel beautiful – which could be a wide variety of pictures. What I like about this idea is that beauty can mean so many different things. To me, beauty is…





Here are my pictures I fit this description:


the day we got Loki – this was one of the happiest days in my life so far. just look at that wittle face!!!


a friend’s wedding…70 stories above Denver at a fancy pants hotel. I don’t get dressed up very often, so it was fun.

IMG_20140629_052345 (1)

running. I feel strong, alive and happy while running. AND this is one of my favorite routes back at my “home home” in NY.

IMG_20131207_194357 (1)

This is the last picture I have with both my grandparents. They’ve helped make me the strong, smart woman I am today.


climbing rocks in Boulder. I freaking love Boulder.


Eating street hot dogs with my Dad in NYC. It’s our thing.


My roommates senior semester. Yes I lived with two guys. And yes one was Jonah. And yes it was probably the best semester of college.

Okay that was 7 not 5. I can count but I really wanted to share all of those pictures.

Now it’s your turn! Share 5 (or 7) pictures that you feel beautiful in!