{Hug a Runner Day} aka the time I hugged Kara

In case you missed it – this past Thursday was Hug a Runner Day!! Freya and I celebrated with some morning miles and a runselfie.


I was particularly excited for this year’s festivities when I learned that Kara Goucher would be coming to Boulder Running Company Cherry Creek (aka my work) for an event in the evening hosted by Run the Edge and Girls on the Run …commence the fangirling!!

The event included a fun 5K that you could choose to participate in virtually…but really, who wouldn’t want to come do the actual run with Kara?? …and as it turns out A LOT of people wanted to come run with Kara


Can you guess who?


There were LOTS of hugs and Kara even demonstrated proper runner hugging technique which apparently ends with a fist pump of sorts (sorry for the link to a facebook video – wordpress isn’t playing nicely with uploading/embedding video right now)

The event was a huge hit and we had a great turn out – so many people wanted to meet Kara. Luckily, she still had time to indulge this fangirl with a few pictures, hugs and I honestly don’t even remember what I said, I hope I introduced myself… I think we talked about her high school cross country team doing the Colfax marathon weekend this coming year and her coming back if we get Sketchers in the store. Random, right?


Oh and then I pulled Adam (aka Mr. Kara Goucher) in for a Goucher sandwich picture. Colt was too interested in the hot chocolate to make a photo appearance  and I don’t blame him!


And then just one more with our Head Coach, Joey.


Also, how cute are the medals for the run?? Girls on the Run did a great job handing them out after the run!


Oh and my coworker wins best shirt ever. Way to get creative with Newton Running’s Lug it Out shirt! (that’s blue masking tape turning the L into an H)

IMG_20141120_115122 (1)

So yeah, this was basically the best Hug a Runner Day ever (so far!). I’m sure how next year will compete – unless maybe Meb shows up to BRC! hint hint 

Did you celebrate Hug a Runner Day? 

If you could hug one elite runner, who would it be?


mail, pups in the snow and carbs (again)

Happy Monday! I’m off to take a FIT class and then work. My arms are still sore from Thursday’s tabata workout so we’ll see how this goes…

I got a surprise in the mail from Vega over the weekend – I haven’t tried it yet, but I’m interested to see if I like the changed-up formula. Also, how rad is that mason jay smoothie mug??



I’ll let you know later this week how I like it.

I also got a thermal headband from Headsweat’s new women’s collection. I took it for 3 runs this past week and it held up to negative degree weather and high winds – definitely a must have for winter running! I also really like the fit compared to my older thermal headband (which was my previous favorite) from Headsweats – it fits so snuggly around my ears, zero wind got through! My hair, on the other hand, was quite snarly by the end of those runs!


On Sunday we went for brunch at Jonah’s brother’s house. I brought this delicious carb and sugar fest – cinnamon roll cake.  Paleo, gluten free and vegan…it is not.

cinnamon roll cake


We started to plan thanksgiving – we’ll be doing the turkey again this year. Aka Jonah will be doing the turkey.

And then we went to the puppy park to burn off some of those 100 million calories. It was finally above freezing and the pups really enjoyed some outdoor playtime. Sorry this video is dark/flickery – my phone couldn’t handle the sunshine apparently.

Thank you Google auto-enhance for this picture…you’re making my lack of photo editing skills (aka laziness) obsolete.  Also I have no idea why WordPress is leaving huge spaces after videos for me…there aren’t any   in the text…sigh…sorry.

IMG_20141116_122805647-EFFECTS (1)

This is your PSA for the day. Hot Chocolate should always be topped with at least an inch of marshmallow. Otherwise, you’re doing it wrong. You’re welcome.



What’s going on in your life right now? Gearing up for Holidays?