Vega Bar Review

As part of my relationship with Fit Approach and Vega I was sent samples of their new family of bars to review. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 

Vega has recently launched a complete family of bars – VegaOne All-in-One Meal Bar, Vega Snack Bar, Vega Sport Energy Bar and Vega Sport Protein Bar. Vega Bar Family ShotWhat stood out to me immediately about these bars were they were gluten free, plant based, non- GMO and did not include whey protein. I’m really picky when it comes to bars because of my sensitivities to gluten, dairy and soy. Any of these things can throw my gut into a punk.

I’m not very big on “meal replacement” bars, so the VegaOne all-in-one meal bar wasn’t very appealing to me at face value. However, it was tasty, but I actually ate it as a snack, not a meal. I had the Dark Chocolate Cherry Almond and it was filling (but not to the point of overfull) and tasted like a grownup candy bar. Aka, it was sweet.

Speaking of snacks, I often get the munchies while at work and look for a satisfying snacks. I really like sweet and salty combos for snacking. The Vega Snack Bar in Dark Chocolate Mixed Nuts & Sea Salt was a perfect pick! Vega Snack Bar

vega snack bar ingredients

This was my favorite so far. I really liked the flavor combination (perfect balance of sweet and salty without being overly sweet) and texture of the bar.

I haven’t tried the Vega Sport bars yet, so I’ll do another post about those later on!

Thanks Fit Approach and Vega for sending me samples of their new bars! Check out more information about the new Vega Bars here