“doing well”

Moms are super great. Especially my mom (but I might be a little bias). I was talking to her about life, and she asked how my foot was feeling.

Me: “not great. I haven’t ran in almost two weeks and it’s starting to get frustrating”

Mom: “be patient. I’m sure it’s very hard for you not to be running”

Me: “very – I miss it so much, especially since it’s been so beautiful outside lately. And it makes me sick to think that the half marathon I wanted to do well in is just a month away”

Mom: “try to reframe what “doing well” means considering the circumstances you are in. You can still do well by being patient with your foot, and training in other ways, and keep blogging about it. Those three goals are just as important and not all that easy to do. It would be easy to just give up running and blogging or even easy to push through the pain and cause more damage. The moderate middle line is the smart, although not easy path.”

GAH!! Moms always know just what to say! Doing well in this situation shouldn’t mean a PR. That’s unrealistic and I’d probably hurt myself. Doing well should look more like coming to grips that my tendinitis is going to take longer than I would like to heal and respecting the time it is going to take. Doing well means not giving up – hitting up the trainer in the early morning instead of the pavement and still blogging about my training experience.

“doing well” should be given a bit more perspective than I have been allowing it. Before it only meant having a strong training cycle that ended with a fast race or PR. Now, “doing well” means listening to my body, taking it easy, focusing on healing, enjoying life, continuing to blog, and most importantly never, ever giving up.

Mom – Thanks for always being my biggest supporter and giving me the advice I need to hear, even when it’s hard. LOVE YOU!!!

What does “doing well” mean to you right now?

seems fair.

My apologies for being MIA lately – life has been fairly uneventful and busy all at the same time – you know what I mean? Mostly the end of the last week and the weekend consisted of me focusing on recovery, being good about not running and just getting through the day without want to punt something. I snuggled my puppies, iced my foot with Mike’s frozen hard lemonade pouches IMG_20140405_145231

drank a lot of wine, whined at Jonah about not runningred wines

got my hair did (got a little crazy and chopped 4.5 inches off – not running makes me do crazy things)

hair cut

 went grocery shopping, sat in the sun on our porch- you get the idea.puppies cuddling

It doesn’t sound like I was really all that busy, but trust me, when you’re in the boot everything takes 10x as long to do. Taking the puppies outside took the preparation and stamina of a marathon – only at the end you get to pick up dog poop and not a medal.

I think the most exciting thing that happened over the last 4 days was that we bought Jonah a new car! Saturday afternoon I joined him in his car hunting and we found the winner (I might add I was lured out of the house with the promise of froyo and a trader joes trip this week – personally, I HATE car shopping so I needed some incentive. He gets a new car, I get froyo and cheap nut butters – seems fair)tcby with sprinkles

Anyways, here we are car shopping. Any guesses on the car we ended up with? I’ll give you a hint – it has a “doggie door” IMG_20140412_175215866_HDR

So that’s been our life lately.

Sad to report my foot is not really feeling better even though I’ve been really good about following the doctor’s orders. I even wore the boot on Friday when it was 80 something degrees out – the boot became a hot, sweaty torture device.  I completed took last week off (which I was told to) and then over the weekend I used the trainer once and did some upper body work. I’m hoping to continue to cross train (trainer & elliptical) this week and by next weekend I can run, but we’ll see about that.

On the bright side – I was thrilled when I got the text Sunday morning that my friend who I was suppose to race a 5K with that morning won the female overall!!! This was her first race back after 3+ months of PT and recovery from an injury. What an amazing comeback!

Can you guess what type of car we got?

Did you race over the weekend?

What’s your favorite froyo/ice cream topping?