hitting the reset button


that one word sums up all my thoughts as I finished the Rock’n’Roll Denver yesterday. I’m going to keep my race recap brief, because really I want to talk about moving forward.

I woke up and knew it was just not my day. Not only was my gut not happy, but also my heart & mind just wasn’t in a half marathon mood. But I told myself “this is your last half for the year, just go get some miles in with 50,000 of your closest friends”. So I did.

rocknroll denver 2014 start

Up until mile 5 I was alright, happily going whatever pace felt good (idk what pace that was since I DID LEAVE MY GARMIN AT HOME). The new course was QUITE hillier than the previous year’s, but we did run around Sloan’s Lake which was beautiful. At mile 5, let’s just say I went on porta-potty-patrol (remember Colfax? this was a lot like that…) and visited several of them. lovely, right? After realizing that my pace was probably abmissal, I decided I’m just going to walk/jog my way to the finish. That walk/jog was actually really fun because I got to enjoy the scenery, talk with my fellow runners, side-five some kiddos and I also pet some dogs. This race gave me a perspective that I’d never really had before in a race and I really enjoyed just goofing around for the remainder of the race.

But when I saw my official time, I felt embarrassed. I am a much stronger runner than what that time showed. But then I took a step back, and told myself “you can have a slow-for-you time and still be a strong runner- not every race you do has to be shooting for that PR or pushing yourself” – especially when you had so much fun taking the pace slower! And that’s pretty much my two-bit on this year’s RnR.

oh and I got my post-race chipotle of course. And some puppy cuddles.


IMG_20141019_124320 (1)

And now, it’s time to hit the reset button.

Running has become stressful to me during the last few months since I had my half marathon PR in August. I have not enjoyed it. Hence why I didn’t train for Rock’n’Roll. So for the next few months (until the end of Dec. when marathon training starts) I’m just going to focus on finding the joy in running again. Get back into my #morningmiles routine. Take Freya. Leave the garmin at home. Get back to the basics.

Also, my diet (no I’m not on a diet, I just mean what I eat daily) has sub par. I’m still working out what is irritating my gut – I went back to gluten in August and that really hasn’t made things worse or better. So I’m going to spend the next few months also going back to the basics with food to try to eliminate the problem causers and hopefully my gut will be happier for it and come marathon time, I won’t need to be on porta potty patrol.

Life. Wow. The last 6 months have been insane. I quit my job. Got a new one that while it is fun, it’s not really a long term plan, which kind of put me in limbo. My grandpa passed away. Struggling with being so far away from family. And I’ll leave out all the little stuff that I’m sure you’re familiar with (bills, cleaning, relationships). And I really haven’t done a great job of being on top of things lately. So going forward, I need to work on prioritizing and organizing. I feel better when things are in order.

So here we go.I’m looking forward to the next few months. I need a life cleanse. And my house needs a deep cleaning.

Ever hit the reset button? 

Does anyone have some diet suggestions for me??