Weekly Recap: January 25

Monday: active rest day. 3 mile brisk walk with pups before work. BRC was pretty busy with the holiday so I got A LOT of steps in. I also started to do the instagram and twitter accounts for BRC Cherry Creek – so if you could follow along, that’d be great! The handle for both is @BRCCherryCreek. Be on the lookout for #outFIToftheday!


We made pizza for dinner. I love having a bread machine so we can make our own dough.

Tuesday: FIT followed by this smoothie. mmm.


FIT was something like…

warm up: 10 butterfly situps, 10 pull ups, 10 push ups, 10 squats x 5 with 500m row on each side.

FIT test: max effort box jumps for 2 mins

Core: coach’s choice..aka pain train

AMRAP: some combo of kettlebells, wall ball, and pull ups…I dont really remember the specifics…

Circuits 1/2 x 3 each: GHD situps/back extensions, wall walks/wall burpees, barbell squats/thrusters, kettlebell swings/russian swings, deadlift with plate/over the head squats with plate.


Wednesday: 4.5 miles with Freya…it started to snow right as we were getting going. I always feel a little lame bad ass when I run in the snow. It was like a snow globe. A bad ass snow globe.

I was having chocolate cravings like crazy in the evening, so this happened. x3


Thursday: rest. was feeling pretty tired so I opted to sleep in a bit before work and switch my Friday and Thursday workouts. It was my lucky day at work because our Nike rep brought in these sweet kicks for me.


followed by a meeting with our Adidas rep about doing a video on the new Adidas Ultra Boost…I CANNOT WAIT to get my paws in these.

ultra boost

Jonah was home to make dinner for us, which was a heavenly potato gnocchi with spicy red sauce.

Friday: 5am FIT class. (Jonah still thinks I’m insane for working out that early..i love it!). This was a workout:

warm up: 1609 meter row

FIT test: max effort 2 mins of slam balls

core: class’s choice…still awful.

Deck of Cards workout: essentially go through a deck of cards based on the following. For example a 8 of hearts would be 8 push ups on the slam ball.

Hearts = push ups on slam ball.
Spades = box jumps.
Diamonds= kettle bell goblet squats.
Clubs = plate over head squats

The face cards were a mix of burpees, kettle bell thrusters and 150m sprints.

It took us about 24 mins to get through the deck. ouch.

But don’t worry, I recovered like a champ at Snooze by destroying these sweet potato pancakes.


Followed by crock pot taco soup – recipe is coming your way this week!


Saturday: Went to work as per usual Saturday. My shin was hurting from Friday’s box jump fail, so I took it easy on the exercise front. It was a cross training day anyways, so I’m good with that.

Back on the home front, our mailboxes got broken into which caused a panic trying to figure out if anything was stolen – luckily it looks like we’re not missing anything. Stressful though, right?? Especially when tax stuff is arriving…

Sunday: 10 miles planned with my running buddy along the Mary Carter Greenway. Suppose to be a beautiful day so we’re waiting a little later in the morning to go, which will hopefully mean, dare I say it, shorts or capri weather!!

Then I have a variety of those things I need to do, you know the type.

See you on the other side!

Favorite type of pancake? 

What shoes are you currently running in? 

Poll to follow up that last question – What do you call your running shoes? Sneakers? Tennis shoes? Something else?


running gear I’m into right now

My favorite running gear items change with the seasons. Literally. Here are a few things I’m into right now in the current cold season (some things are all year favorites, but you get the idea)…

PowerBar Energy Blends


It’s like apple sauce. On da ‘roids. This is the first during run fuel I’ve used that has not bothered my stomach AT ALL. And I felt immediately awesome after taking it…placebo effect from not having any gag reflex due to nasty gel substance? Maybe. But if it works, it works!

Anyways, it was a happy day when the backup arrived via Amazon Prime, because alas, my work doesn’t carry them…figures right?IMG_20150121_185356879

Newton BOCO AT

These shoes are insulated, have a great tread and are water repellent, which makes them perfect for snowy, cold, or slushy running conditions. I’m in love. IMG_20150104_105413 (1)

Merino Wool Stuff

I’m loving my SmartWool socks and long sleeve Icebreaker shirt. Wool is super great for cold days because its breathable but keeps you snug as a pug in a rug (or a Freya bear in a freshly laundered comforter…)


Oh and wool doesn’t stink so it’s good to go for a couple of runs. And yes I just took my hippie level up a notch.

Fitbit Flex

I got this because my health insurance gives a discount if you have an activity tracker. I got the Fitbit Flex around the time the new Surge and Charge heart rate compatible trackers came out. And truthfully, I’d rather have the Flex because of the interchangeable straps (umm hello gross if you’re wearing it all the time with the same strap) and I love my Garmin for GPS and heart rate.



Although I’m what I would consider a healthy, active person already…I’ve found myself being more conscious of how much I’m moving vs how much I’m sitting during the day. I’m lucky to have a job that keeps me on my feet for the day, because even with a morning run, I could see how it’s hard to reach your daily goal while sitting at a desk all day!

Ruffwear Flat Out Leash

This has made running with Freya so much easier. I love having both hands free to move normally. This is us trying is out on Christmas morning, don’t worry we’ve ventured outside with it since then. IMAG0787 (1)


What running gear are you into right now? 

Favorite mid run/race fuel???

Do you wear an activity tracker?