there’s no run like a snow run

after a day of 70 degrees and nothing but sunshine, Colorado finally got word that it’s freaking December and there should probably be some snow on the ground. Now, some bloggers are probably providing you with posts about how great running in the snow is and how to enjoy it, but this isn’t one of those posts. This is the “beware of these excuses, valid as they are, because they will keep you from your snow run”

it’s warmer in bed. truth. always. 

I prefer to run with my eyes open instead of my eyelids frozen shut. 

I’m a runner. Aka I have zero coordination and am liable to fall on any minuscule amount of ice/slush. 

I’m out of hot chocolate mix, so how will I ever warm back up afterwards??

It’s too cold to bring the pup and I feel bad leaving her behind. 

my runner shoes aren’t waterproof and I don’t want to get my socks wet. 

I can’t find my gloves. cold fingers are worse than going to the dentist. 

no matter what direction I turn, the snow is blowing in my eyes. 

If I run on the sidewalk, I’ll get splashed by cars. If I run on the trail, it won’t be plowed. 

no matter how many layers or how thick my running tights are, my butt is ALWAYS cold. reason enough to stay in. 

I got all dressed to go, sat on the couch and fell back asleep. 

Obviously there are a slew of excuses not to run in the snow. However, if you chose to ignore them you will feel like a total badass running through that snow storm. After all, there’s no run like a snow run.



Weekly Recap: Dec 14th

ICYMI: Christmas is less than 2 weeks away. (also I just wanted to use ICYMI because I only recently learned what that meant. super cool)


Monday: MY BIRTHDAY! I turned the big 2-3 and to celebrate I chose an activity fit for the big 1-0 birthday. ZOO LIGHTS!!


And I ate lots of cake. Oh and I did probably 100 burpees at FIT to celebrate. It was a fantastic birthday.


The iPad Air that I won through being a Hot Chocolate 5/15K Ambassador finally arrived! I immediately got crafty and made myself a DIY iPad case. And now you know what to get everyone on your Christmas list. You’re welcome.


I also just wanted to share this with you. This is a race picture that is blown up to cover one of the pillars at my work. This girl’s face cracks me up every time I walk by – what is she giving the stink eye to????


Oh and we’re having some really big sales at work. Including this jogging stroller. I was really tempted to buy it to push Loki in while I run with Freya. Jonah vetoed that idea. bummer. IMG_20141211_111043882


Run with the Freya bear followed by a fairly uneventful day.


FIT class. I’m seriously in love with these classes. Everyone is so different so I never get bored and I can already feel myself getting stronger. I like that.

Afterwards I went to work. I had a yummy snack.



a day off!! YAY! And it was freaking gorgeous out. I’m talking nothing but blue skies and 70 degrees. IN DECEMBER! I love Colorado.

Before enjoying the beautiful day, I went to FIT.  Got my ass handed to me by the pull up bar.

And then I made some rolo candies – the kind with the pretzel, pecan and rolo. mmm


I wrapped Christmas presents for family.


I did laundry. Freya was a big help. IMG_20141212_132307273_HDR

And then we all went outside to enjoy the gorgeous weather. We sat in the park behind our house for a while and went for a walk.



proof of how warm it was. I’m wearing a tank top in December. IMG_20141212_153957

That evening Jonah and I finished up our Christmas shopping and then met up with some friends for some grub.



While walking to our cars, I said “I could really go for some cake”

my friend says “Aimee, I think 9 out of 10 times that we hang out, you end the evening saying you could go for cake. I respect that.”

#cake #FTW


I was kind of lazy all morning until I went to work at noon. I got all my Christmas presents mailed so I call that productive.


a very wet, snowy and windy run with Freya. Note to self: next time you run in the snow, make sure to wear a hat with a visor. I think I did the whole run with my eyes closed. Good thing Freya knows the route!

And then I got groceries. And wrote this post. And now I need to nap, get Christmas cards together and bake something because there is a serious lack of carbs and sugar in this house right now.

Hope you have a great day!