that number.

I don’t keep a scale in my house because I don’t care to know how much I weigh. I know that I eat well and exercise regularly, so I’m probably at a healthy weight for me. If I had a scale in my house I would probably compulsively weight myself daily (sometimes multiple times a day) and I pretty positive that would really effect me negatively. So I live my life not knowing how much I weigh and just being happy with my body.

I was in a bathroom recently that had a scale in it. I hadn’t weighed myself in probably 2 or 3 years so I was curious. I stepped on the scale…

…and I was totally shocked.

While I feel like I’m in the best shape I’ve probably ever been in and eating healthy, that darn number on the scale was the highest I’ve ever seen it. I didn’t like that. Who would?

This made me think about what was going on in my life the last time I remembered being weighed and how I felt about that number. This was probably sometime back in college. I was running, stressing over classes, walking everywhere, and honestly I my diet was a mess. I did not eat well in college. College was definitely a low point in my nutrition because,well, I just didn’t really eat. When I did it was salad, toast, dry cereal or fruit. Not really ideal. But I felt happier with that number on the scale then.

But was I happier with life? no.

Am I happier with life now? definitely.

So what does that number really matter? I’m certainly not fat. And in fact I workout more now than I did in college, so it makes sense that I need to eat better and that number on the scale is higher because as we all know muscle weighs more than fat and happiness can sometimes be found in a sprinkle covered cupcake. 

Do you weigh yourself regularly? 


PRO tights & Pickle Vodka

I got these PRO Compression tights in the mail and I’m not ashamed to say that I’ve been a hippy and have lived in them since they arrive. They are SO COMFORTABLE, have cute fold up stripey cuffs and fold down stripey waist band, oh and they stay up. I like they they have real pant sizing and not S, M, L – which I’m pretty sure is the reason they fit so well. Do yourself a favor and go get a pair while they’re still super cheap (40% off the already sale price of $50 with promo code PINK)


Loki thought they were pretty cute too.


And then of course Freya had to get in on the action too…


I wore them to work (big surprise right? I always wear tights to work…) and then out to drinks & grub with Jonah afterwards. I’m so fancy, you already know… 


I finally got that pizza I was craving all week….except for the fact I actually ordered a calzone. But what’s a calzone anyways? It’s basically a pizza taco – which happens to be two of my favorite foods combined.


Also, I was sitting next to this lovely thing all night. Two more of my favorite things combined…

pickle vodka

pickle vodka. proof there is still hope for the world.

What brand is your favorite pair of tights?

Pizza or calzones? …or possibly tacos?