“Some Random Things in my Kitchen” Stew

I think this type of recipe is called a “everything but the kitchen sink” recipe, but I prefer to call it some random things in my kitchen. I made this stew/soup (what is the difference between the two??) with some of the remaining things in my kitchen (I’m avoiding grocery shopping until after the move). Anyways, it was cold yesterday and I needed to spend the day packing, not cooking, so I threw this all in my slow cooking in the morning and hoped it would turn out edible.

I’m definitely not a food blogger, so please excuse my “little bit of this, little bit of that” recipe. It’s how I roll.

acorn squash curry

Throw this all in your slow cooker, turn it on low, cover and forget about it for the day. Give a stir after 6-8 hours and enjoy!

acorn squash curry

In keeping with my no sugar challenge, I made sure that all my canned goodies didn’t have those sneaky 1 or 2 grams of sugar in them. How crazy is it that there is sugar in tomatoes and chick peas?? I knew I had to avoid those evening chocolate/froyo/brownies/sprinkles cravings and I already don’t eat packaged foods with more than 3 or so ingredients (aka store bought breads, cereals, most pastas, sauces etc), but I didn’t realize I would be checking the labels on things like simple things like canned veggies (yes I know fresh is always better, but let’s be realistic here). Definitely eye opening to where you can find sneaky sugars. The whole30 program has a great PDF on sneaky sugar.

Side note, this made me laugh. So true – plating is everying on Food Network. Personally, I’m more of a bowl type of person than plate.

In other news, we are picking up the keys to our new home this morning! We will be moving all our stuff there through the course of the week and furniture is moving in on Friday. SO if I fall off the face of the blogger-sphere, you know what I’m up to!

Cook anything tasty lately? 

What type of cook are you? Measure everything exactly or the “little bit of this and that” type? 

Bowl or plate? 



Weekly Recap: February 22

Holy Quacamole Batman! February is flying by. SLOW DOWN PLEASE! I need to pack up the apartment…train for a marathon…train my dog not to eat destroy the toilet paper…(it might be too late for that last one)

IMG_20140620_072619 (1)

Monday: rest day! I made this delicious asian meatball and coconut rice thing. Doesn’t look like much, but it was crazy delicious.

asian meatballs

Tuesday: FIT. Tabata Tuesday. This was the 7 minutes hell burpees day. I honestly don’t remember what we did afterwards…the burpees kind of put me into a semi-conscious state.

Then I went to one of our other BRC stores and spent the day moving fixtures and remerching their whole store. My body was trashed by the end of the day.

Wednesday: I had to be back at the store bright and early early, so I opted to take a rest day instead of cram in a few treadmill miles before at the butt crack of dawn.

I made this tasty salad. I’m on a “everything needs to have avocado” kick. Avocado and sweet potato.


Thursday: FIT. This workout totally smashed my legs. Lots of squats & thrusters with the barbell. The hammies hurt real afterwards. I definitely took advantage of the demo Roll8 Recovery tool at work.

Friday: Because of the impending snow storm, I opted to do my long run this day. Bad choice. I do not recommend 17 miles of hills the day after a good leg smashing at FIT. Unless you’re a masochist. Short story, it was the worst long run so far this training cycle. It happens. We get stronger. We move on.

runs dont get easier

Afterwards we finished up things do to before signing our lease on Monday – get a bank check, switch over all the xcel, comcast etc accounts. Fun grown up stuff like that. We also have a furry little buddy staying with us this weekend. We went for a pack walk. I like having a lot of dogs. I’m probably going to grow up and be a crazy dog lady and open a rescue out of my home.

Saturday: We went for long walk with all 3 pups in the morning. Then I went to work for a few hours. I ended up going home early because the impending snow storm finally hit us, and it hit us hard and fast. On the drive home I could barely see the car in front of me.

Freya and Zeke have the right idea for Saturday – lazy afternoon naps!


Sunday: Snowed in! We’re suppose to get something like 15-20″ so I’m planning on using this as a “you have no excuse not to pack” day. I’m also hoping to get a few treadmill miles in to stretch out my legs. Also the crock pot will be necessary and bread will be baked. Sometimes its nice to have an excuse not to leave the house.

Loki and Zeke are so feisty together, and yes those are bags of clothes in the background I need to take to Goodwill.


No Sugar Challenge update: I’m a week into the challenge and I’m feeling fine. I miss chocolate at night, but that’s about it. This challenge has made me realize so far that throughout the day I already didn’t eat foods with sugar in them, but those late night cravings are what I struggle with. I have a serious late night sweet tooth. If you have any suggestions to help with this please send them my way!!

We’re just catching up to the #snowmageddon2015 here in Colorado (and it’ll probably melt in 3 days)…have you had a lot of snow for a while now where you are?

 What are your favorite recovery tools?

When is your next race?