Fun Facts (because you need to know more randomz about me)

Hello Tuesday!!! Side note: when you realize what you want is right in front of you it is both a happy and a face palm moment. Just sayin’. I’ve got a little bit of that going on right now.

back to our regularly scheduled programming…

In case you missed it on instagram – I climbed a cookie fourteener over the weekend. Aka I ate 14,000 calories worth of cookie. Hello Mt. Chocolate Chip

mt chocolate chip

I promptly went to FIT class Monday morning to help burn off some of those calories. I’m still weak sauce, in case you were wondering. Also, I don’t advise you swing a kettle bell smack into your knee. It will hurt. Do not do this.

You’ve probably seen these “Four Fun Facts” posts popping up in the last week. I decided to jump on board because I’m a sucker for Q&A’s and obviously you need to know more random stuff about my life…

Four Names people call me other than my real name:

– Doodlebug (this is my Grandma’s name for me…it’s from this book)
– FunFitGirl
– Aims <- I absutely hate being called that, so don’t
– Sweetie (this ironically isn’t what Jonah calls me, its what customers at work end up calling me…)

Four jobs I’ve had:

-Marketing Manager
– Barista
– Sales Associate at a jewelry store
– HTML editor & data entry (sounds exciting, right?)

Four movies you’d watch more than once:

– Elf
– Despicable Me
– The Proposal
– all of the ABC’s 25 Days of Christmas movies

Four Books I’d Recommend:

– Mile Markers
– A Song of Fire & Ice
– Harry Potter (all of them…in a row… #nerdalert)
– A Whole New Mind

Four places I’ve lived:

– Ithaca, NY
– Oneonta, NY
– Littleton, CO
– Lone Tree, CO

Four places you have visited:

– Isle of Palms
– Tuscon, AZ
– Snowmass/Aspen, CO
– Durham, NC

Four places I’d rather be right now:

– eating out because I don’t have a dinner plan
– having a coffee date with my mom in NY
– on top of a fourteener
– the beach…I miss water in this land locked state!!

Four things I don’t eat:

– dairy
– walnuts
– gummies/candies with bursts of liquid in the middle
– Generation UCAN (the texture…just no…I don’t care if it’ll make me fast like Meb. I just can’t.)

Four of my favorite foods: 

– cookies
– slighty burnt grilled cheese
– chipotle

Four TV shows I watch: 

– Gray’s Anatomy
– Anything on food network
– Parks and Rec (probably my favorite show ever)
– The Big Bang Theory

Four things I’m looking forward to this year: 

– running early in the morning and seeing Christmas lights
– Christmas cookies, Christmas cards, Christmas music, Christmas movies
– starting the training for my first full marathon

Four things I’m always saying:

– “sounds good”
– “I’m cold”
– “I’m hungry”
– “Loki drop it!” <- he likes to take my laundry off the drying rack/out of the dirty hamper

SOO that’s it for now! If you haven’t already, make sure to check out my Full Moon Pet Treats giveaway!

Pick one of the four things and share it in the comments!!

Loki & Freya Favorites: Full Moon Pet Treats

If you’re not new to my blog (heck even if you are new) you’ve probably realized I’m kind of obsessed with my pups, Loki & Freya. They usually make an appearance on the blog, twitter or instagram multiple times a week. They’re spoiled well loved and it shows.

While I love to spoil them, I also like to make sure what I’m feeding them quality products. Oh and it has to be tasty because Freya is a picky little girl. We all love Full Moon Pet Treats, and lucky for us, they love us back. Full Moon first sent us a care package when Freya was teenie-tiny! …and Loki needed a haircut (whats new right?)


More recently Full Moon came out with a Chicken Jerky treat that has functional benefits to help promote hip & joint and skin & coat health.


I really like how simple the ingredients are and the added benefits of Omega-3 fatty acids, antioxidant rich kale and vitamin E really make Freya and Loki’s coats shine.

IMG_20140919_131353 (1)

While Loki was entertained by the ball in the care package, Freya couldn’t wait to tear into the goodies…


Say Cheese! …or Chicken Jerky!


While I love that these treats are healthy, it definitely doesn’t hurt that they are SO tasty! (at least that’s what Freya & Loki told me…I haven’t tried them personally :P )


They also break apart easily and make excellent training treats…and they’re good to the last crumb!


You can now find Full Moon Pet Treats at Target, which is perfect because I do a lot of our grocery shopping there so it saves me a trip to a big-box pet store. If you end up going to Target to get some treats, print off this $1 off coupon firstfull moon product line

Freya & Loki would like to share their favorite treats with your furry friend! Enter to win a package of Chicken Jerky from Full Moon by leaving a comment linking to a picture of your pooch! Winner will be randomly picked next Monday (Dec. 1st).

full moon giveaway